Thursday 28. May 2015
#182- May 2015


Martin Maier SJ

A new form of anti-Semitism in Europe

unknownIn many European countries, disturbing signs of a new form of anti-Semitism are clearly emerging. Christian Churches are extremely worried by this new phenomenon.

Church in Europe

Catholic organisations’ initiatives to face up to climate change

unknownConcrete initiatives launched by Christian organisations during COP21 in Paris in December 2015 to encourage leaders to insure firm commitments against climate change.

European External Action Service

A Catholic voice from the centre of Ukraine

unknownDavid Nazar, regional superior of the Jesuits in Ukraine since 2003, gives his view of the presence of the Church from the Maidan square events to the present day.

European Commission

Europe - both victim and executor of tax evasion

unknownIt is difficult to believe that tax fraud will be tackled resolutely by Jean-Claude Juncker, the current President of the European Commission, who permitted this type of practice in his own country.

European Union

Inequalities on the rise – the need for social justice

unknownCaritas Europa’s new report on the impact of the economic and banking crisis reveals disturbing levels of poverty and deprivation in the seven EU countries worst hit by the economic crisis: Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

European Parliament

Can interreligious dialogue help in the fight against radicalisation?

unknownUnder Article 17 TFEU there was a recent exchange of views between religious leaders of the three Abrahamic religions and representatives of the European Parliament.

European Union

'Euro-Islam' or 'Islam in Europe': which is it to be in future?

unknownEver since the attacks carried out by Muslim terrorists in Europe, there have been increasing calls for much-needed reforms to Islam.

Church in Europe

Living and witnessing to values which are different and which ruffle Europe’s feathers

unknownReligious congregations are shaping their lives in a way which is amazingly relevant to our times and points to a future in which we can have confidence.


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