Wednesday 16. April 2014
#170 April 2014


Frank Turner sj

Ukraine - A True Revolution?

unknownFirm hopes amidst unpredictable events.

European Union

Mineral sourcing

unknownIn March, the European Commission proposed legislation that aims to prevent European companies’ mineral purchases from financing conflict or human rights abuses.

European Commission

EU cancer policy: fighting against the odds

unknownAs World Cancer Day was celebrated on 4 February last, the EU has reasons for concern, but also for hope.

European Parliament

Sylvia Goulard, what have been your achievements as an MEP?

unknownLooking forward to the elections to the European Parliament on 25 May next,  Europeinfos is conducting a series of interviews to shed light on the role and work of Members of the European Parliament.

European Parliament

Committees of the European Parliament: Where the Power Rests

unknownThe committee system is one of the most prominent features of the European Parliament. It is where the institution holds its main strength and where its structure is defined.

Church in Europe

Two Heralds of Peace Canonized

unknownTwo 20th century popes will be raised to the altars on Sunday 27 April: both made pursuit of peace a priority.


“Be active partners in creating a better, fairer society”

unknownCardinal Marx presents the Statement published on 20 March by the COMECE Bishops in view of the upcoming European elections.

Church in Europe

In memoriam Gabor Tegyey sj

unknownThe former Director of the then OCIPE - Office catholique d’information et d’initiatives pour l’Europe –died at the age of 83.

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