Sunday 1. February 2015
#178- January 2015


Martin Maier sj

Giving Europe new hope

unknownA climate of fear and growing individualism is spreading through Europe. Pope Francis counters this with a message of hope and optimism.

European Union

2015: momentum for nuclear disarmament?

unknownMore than 16,000 nuclear warheads still exist in the world. With six EU Member States having nuclear weapons on their territory, the issue of nuclear disarmament must also be considered at EU level.

European Union

Relaunching nuclear disarmament: a matter of moral significance

unknownNuclear weapons are designed for the indiscriminate destruction of entire cities and their inhabitants, therefore using them raises serious moral objections. It is vital to make progress in their gradual elimination by general agreement.

European Commission

Dialogue to improve the joint action against trafficking in human beings

unknownHuman trafficking is a semi-invisible, multifaceted phenomenon that requires joint action from political, social and religious bodies for its reduction.

European Group on Ethics

Yeast, CO2 emissions and God

unknownThe amazing world of Synthetic Biology and its challenges for the EU.

European Commission

Juncker’s plan for kick-starting investment

unknownSince the start of the financial crisis, investments in the European Union have fallen by 15%, and this slams the brakes on growth and job creation.

United Nations

Climate Change: a critical time

unknownThe agenda for the climate change discussions is taking shape in the midst of important developments. The next COP 21 will be a crucial moment for courageous political decisions.

European Union

Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union: A critical appraisal

unknownThe Eurasian Economic Union takes effect from 1 January. This project has attracted criticism, not least because it includes three states of the former USSR.

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