Sunday 21. December 2014
#177 - December 2014


Patrick H.Daly

Pope Francis in Strasbourg: Modern Popes in Dialogue with the World

unknownWhen Pope Francis came to Strasbourg to address the European Parliament and the Council of Europe last week, a new chapter in the Church’s engagement with European society opened.

European Court of Justice

To forget, or not to forget: that is the question

unknownAfter a widely reported judgment of the European Court of Justice, Google has been flooded with requests from EU-based users, aimed at having links containing personal data ‘removed’.

European Council

Guardian of Trust

unknownOn 1 December 2014 Herman Van Rompuy will hand over his office as the permanent President of the European Council to the former Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk. In his five-year term of office he steered the European Union through its biggest crisis in close collaboration with the President of the Commission José Manuel Barroso.

European Commission

A quick review of the Barroso Commission

unknownNow that José-Manuel Barroso has stepped down as President of the European Commission, an analysis of his ten years in office is needed in order to understand the unique context of the crises.

European Commission

Providing people in need with safe access to shelter in Europe

unknownThe European Union and its Member States finally need to take their legal and moral responsibilities seriously and open up secure legal channels for shelter for people in need in Europe.

Holy See

Re-reading of Pope Francis’s speech to the European Parliament

unknownIgnace Berten analyses for us the speech delivered by Pope Francis to the European Parliament on 25 November.

Christian Academy Prague

25 years ago: the velvet revolution

unknownPetr Mucha was a graduate student at the Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1989. Coming from Christian dissent circles, today as a university teacher he shares his experience on the Velvet revolution.


The TTIP is not just all about trade

unknownTTIP forces Europeans to position themselves more clearly on the world stage.

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