Tuesday 21. September 2021
#189 - January 2016
Martin Maier

Human values across the globe

The terrorist attacks in Paris also represent an attack on European values. And yet, these values must not be compromised in the fight against terrorism.

United Nations

The Paris treaty : a historic moment for humankind

For many people who have been engaged in climate negotiations or those who have reported on the yearly Conference of the Parties (COPs) to the UNFCCC, the Paris Conference was a historic moment.

United Nations

COP 21 – the long way from enthusiasm to implementation

Conférence des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques - COP21 (Paris, Le Bourget)

The agreement reached by the COP 21 in Paris on december 12th was greeted with enthusiasm and recognised in general as positive, very positive even. José Ignacio García shares a first analysis.

European Commission

Work-related stress and illness affects half of Europe’s workforce

Around half of Europe’s workforce believe that stress in their workplace is a normal state of affairs. Stress directly affects their health and their work/home balance. What is the European Commission doing about this?

European Commission

A European framework for Palliative Care

A growing need for palliative care requires a better understanding of its ethical intricacies

European Parliament

Persecution of Christians: on going and incipient genocide

Increasing evidences suggest that the so-called “ISIS/Da'esh” is committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against Christians and other religious minorities such as Yazidis in the territory under its control.


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