Tuesday 25. January 2022
Fr Patrick H.Daly

Feeling cheated by the European dream

We are all possessive to the degree of being ourselves possessed by our belongings. And what applies to individual EU citizens applies to the EU as a whole.

European Commission

Is the Pillar of Social Rights the basis for a fairer Union?

In response to the on-going crisis, the European Commission has launched a public consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights. A first preliminary outline has been put forward, but uncertainties remain concerning its implementation.

European Union

Forced migration and the Turkish “gate-keeper”

According to Eurostat, a total of 1.3 million persons have applied for international protection in the 28 European Union member states in 2015. Among them is a Somali girl whom JRS met in Italy.

European Union

“Missed” unaccompanied refugee children in Europe

Thousands of unaccompanied refugee minors disappear from reception centres in Europe, and national authorities do not know where they are.

European Union

Integrating refugees in Europe

The humanitarian crisis opens up a number of opportunities. In a position paper, the European Office for Catholic Youth and Adult Education calls for expansion of EU programmes and the political framework to support the integration of refugees in Europe.


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