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#195 - July-August 2016
Martin Maier

Brexit – a schism for Europe

The curtain is closed while all questions remain open” – this Bertolt Brecht quote aptly sums up the situation after the UK’s referendum on 23 June.

United Kingdom

‘Why do you leave ?’

The United Kingdom is still reeling from the result of the EU referendum in which 51.9% of voters opted to leave the European Union. Frances Murphy, the editor of Thinking Faith, shares her observations.

European Commission

Energy mix in the EU after COP21

Solar panels and wind turbines with city

The time has come to make the Paris Agreement real. Renewables are the clear option in the new energy mix. Even in the face of difficulties, the EU should not be less ambitious.

European Commission

Is the TTIP compatible with the EU’s basic objectives?

The Transatlantic Agreement on Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union has sparked off a highly controversial and multifaceted debate.

European Commission

Shedding new light on the trafficking of human beings in the EU

Despite the existence of greater social awareness of this criminal activity and the build-up of expertise in the Member States, two major challenges remain: obtaining better data and fighting new forms of trafficking.

EU Agency for Fundamental Rights

The Church's role in upholding human rights

The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights devoted its latest Forum to the topics of inclusion, refugee protection and the digital age: COMECE took active part in the discussions.


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