Tuesday 25. January 2022
#220 - November 2018
Martin Maier sj

A shared culture of remembrance

The 11 November will be the hundredth since the armistice was signed at Compiègne.

European Union

Shaping the future of work

How can we shape the future of work in this age of digital and ecological transition? Mgr Antoine Hérouard presents the underlying reflections and proposals from COMECE for a world of work that is fair, sustainable and participatory for everyone in Europe.

The Church in Europe

Schuman Encounters: a valuable opportunity to know ourselves better

The meeting in Rome organised by COMECE in October 2017 on the subject of (Re)thinking Europe triggered a large number of reflections by those who believe in the interest of the European construction and wish to increase its visibility among its citizens. This is what gave rise to the Schuman Encounters project.

European Union

Students on the trail of the “Great War”

Since 2014, Prof. Ulrich Bartosch has been leading a seminar project at the Faculty of Social Work of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, which examines the First World War under the heading “Commemorations in connection with the Great War”.

European Union

The Fiquelmont letter: a message of peace and hope

An extraordinary discovery: a bottle found in 1981 under the roof of a farm in Lorraine contained a message left in 1916 by six German soldiers addressed to future generations.

European Union

Albania: why do we want to be part of Europe?

The Council of the EU has agreed to open membership negotiations with Albania in June 2019. The Bishop of Rrëshen, Mgr Gjergj Meta, explains why the Albanians want to become part of the EU at a time when the UK is preparing to leave.


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