Wednesday 28. June 2017
Regional Policy

Youth Guarantee to combat youth unemployment – but will it?

European Commission

For several years, the high youth unemployment figures have posed major challenges for decision-makers at EU and Member State level. Accordingly, there are high expectations for the Youth Guarantee.

The new ‘Copernicus’ Earth observation programme

European Commission

Since the beginning of April, Sentinel-1A, the first of a series of Copernicus satellites, has been orbiting in space and making long-range environmental monitoring possible. It is part of ‘Copernicus’, the new European Flagship Programme.

New perspectives for the ECB

European Central Bank

Now that the worst of the debt crisis is over, the ECB is once more in the news. The fragile growth that is being generated in Europe may have come up against a surprising obstacle: deflation.

A step towards a more social Europe?

European Commission

“European economic governance needs to be balanced by a social dimension,”stated representatives of the Churches in Europe at a meeting with the Irish EU Presidency in Dublin on 8 March.

European Cohesion Policy : The Role of Church actors


This theme has recently been developed in a Joint Position paper by the Secretariat of COMECE with the special contributions of the Kommissariat of the German Bishops and its ecumenical partners.

Commission presents its concept for cohesion policy post-2013

European Commission

With a planned budget of €376 billion, cohesion policy is second only to agriculture in terms of expenditure in the EU financial framework 2014-2020.

Regional Policy

European Union

Towards a new territorial governance

Interview with Jean-Marie Beaupuy, former MEP (2004-2009)

Cohesion Policy

European Union

Taking stock of the current situation, sketching future perspectives

On 9th November 2010, the Commission published its fifth report on economic, social and

Cohesion Policy

European Union

EU Strategy for the Danube Region:

A joint regional policy for the Danube area

On Monday, 17 January 2011, when the Hungarian Council Presidency


> 6 June

The EU Commission together with the EMCDDA will launch the European Drug Report 2017, providing a comprehensive analysis of recent trends in the drug situation in Europe.


> 7 June
The EU Commission is expected to publish a Reflection Paper on the Future of the European Defence by 2025.


> 7 June
The EU Commission is expected to publish the Implementation of the EU Global Strategy: Communication on efforts to foster state, economic, environment/climate and social resilience in thirds countries.
> 15-16 June
A high-level event on EU Arctic Policy will be held in Oulu, Finland.


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