Montag 18. Februar 2019

The Dilemmas of Regulating Banks

European Commission

A summer of crisis amongst major banks dramatises the challenge of  regulating giant corporations.

Contemplating Europe from 1000m above sea level

European Forum Alpbach

Nearly 4000 people took part in the European Forum Alpbach from 16 August to 1 September 2012: students and academics, politicians and diplomats, businessmen and women and economists.

The EU, the USA, and the global economic crisis

Frank Turner SJ

Thus in the USA, many states contribute far more to the federal level than they receive from it, whereas others need significant net support. The system copes without quasi-Thatcherite cries of ‘I want my money back’.

Managing banks that cannot manage themselves

European Commission

The European Commission seeks to limit the impact of banking crises and to coordinate governmental regulation.

Europe in 2012: The second decade

European Union

We are currently at the centre of a major change in the political system in Europe. The European Council meeting of 28-29 June could well mark a turning point in the history of our continent.

Economic turmoil and European politics

Frank Turner SJ

Politicians are in disarray over the Euro as European electorates send contradictory signals.

The social market economy under new threat

Frank Turner SJ

Social protection instruments are essential so that ‘a dignified standard of living can be guaranteed to all citizens’. Part of the purpose of government is to ensure these and the obligation bears on the EU itself, not only on Member States.

Solidarity as a principle of the European Union

Church in Europe

This crisis goes back a long way, and if we blame ourselves for anything, it could be for not noticing it early enough and not exposing the destructive elements which have found their way into what in those days we still called our community.

Solidarity and Responsibility

European Council

Twenty years after Maastricht, the twin treaties on the European Stability Mechanism and on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union, negotiated under pressure of the debt crisis, represent important steps towards the necessary consolidation of the European Union.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the tradition of Catholic Social Thought

Church in Europe

The recent report of the European Commission on Corporate Social Responsibility resonates with the innovative postulates of ‘Caritas in Veritate’.

Joint value-added tax system: Quo vadis?

European Commission

Within the scope of the fundamental renewal of the value-added tax system, the European Commission is planning measures to make the system simpler, more efficient and better protected against fraud. Tax exemptions for non-profit organisations and reduced tax rates are also being examined closely.


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