Thursday 28. May 2020

The European Commission challenges tax avoidance

Frank Turner SJ

An Action Plan of the Commission proposes essential elements of good tax governance.

Combining Solidarity and Responsibility

European Council

The final European summit of 2012 ratified a Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) for European banks which will enter into force in March 2014. This is a major decision.

Keeping EU promises to the poorest with the FTT

Europäische Union

Civil society campaigners, financial lobbyists, governments and many others in Europe and world-wide are waiting with bated breath for the long anticipated announcement of the introduction of the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) in the EU, expected by the end of 2012.

Dialogue on a Social Market Economy

Church in Europe

Building a European social market economy is part of the quest for world peace and global justice. That was the theme of the Dialogue Seminar between Churches and the European Commission on 14 December.

The European Commission’s grim economic forecast

European Commission

The economic forecast of the European Commission for 2012-14 is sobering, but its tone obscures crucial human truths.

A two-speed Europe

European Union

The conclusions of the last European Council of 18 –19 October show that the announced European measures for growth and employment are only being implemented very slowly.

The Social Model and Subsidiarity

European Union

The Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan draws a provocative perspective on the European Crisis.

The Dilemmas of Regulating Banks

European Commission

A summer of crisis amongst major banks dramatises the challenge of  regulating giant corporations.

Contemplating Europe from 1000m above sea level

European Forum Alpbach

Nearly 4000 people took part in the European Forum Alpbach from 16 August to 1 September 2012: students and academics, politicians and diplomats, businessmen and women and economists.

The EU, the USA, and the global economic crisis

Frank Turner SJ

Thus in the USA, many states contribute far more to the federal level than they receive from it, whereas others need significant net support. The system copes without quasi-Thatcherite cries of ‘I want my money back’.

Managing banks that cannot manage themselves

European Commission

The European Commission seeks to limit the impact of banking crises and to coordinate governmental regulation.


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