Tuesday 19. October 2021

The new ‘Copernicus’ Earth observation programme

European Commission

Since the beginning of April, Sentinel-1A, the first of a series of Copernicus satellites, has been orbiting in space and making long-range environmental monitoring possible. It is part of ‘Copernicus’, the new European Flagship Programme.

Food for thought: brain research in the EU

European Commission

Neuroscience research should develop hand-in-hand with reflections on neuroethics.

ERASMUS+ without Erasmus?

European Commission

Would an Erasmus in Basel still be imaginable, or would he fall foul of the (planned) measures between Switzerland and the European Union?

EU cancer policy: fighting against the odds

European Commission

As World Cancer Day was celebrated on 4 February last, the EU has reasons for concern, but also for hope.

Challenges for EU public health policy

European Council

As the revision of the clinical trials Regulation comes close to its end, new priorities are set by the Greek Presidency.

European elections 2014: Mr Mikolasik, what did you achieve as an MEP ?

European Parliament

In view of the elections to the European Parliament on 25 May, Europeinfos is conducting a series of interviews to illuminate the role and mission of Members of the European Parliament.

A Programme for the future with one foot in the past

European Parliament

There were strong reasons for the EU not to miss the opportunity to take a step forward with regard to funding stem cell research.

One child and... actually how many parents did you say?

European Union

Surrogate motherhood is an emergent ethical and legal issue at both international and EU levels.

Born to be alive. Or maybe not

European Court of Human Rights

A new ruling could pave the way to a European right to assisted suicide for all.

Energy is not just about economics

European Group on Ethics

Does Europe need an Ethical Framework for Assessing Research, Production and Use of Energy ? Interview with Prof Emmanuel Agius.

Nanotechnologies…. Nanoethics?

European Commission

Milk and honey await those who invest in nanotechnology. At least, that’s what many seem to believe. But what exactly is nanotechnology and is it all as promising as it sounds?


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