Sonntag 17. Februar 2019

'Euro-Islam' or 'Islam in Europe': which is it to be in future?

European Union

Ever since the attacks carried out by Muslim terrorists in Europe, there have been increasing calls for much-needed reforms to Islam.

MEPs: Religion remains significant – but in a different way…

European Parliament

In the list of parliamentary intergroups published in December 2014, there is an intergroup for freedom of religion and belief. It has now commenced its work, with clear priorities.

Attacks that need to be explained

Church in Europe

The attack on the editorial board of “Charlie Hebdo” strikes at the heart of the comfortable illusions we nurture about secular European society. Heads of state and government walked arm in arm through the streets of the capital city of the quintessentially lay state, a symbolic collective demonstration of their repudiation of jihadist outrage.

Re-reading of Pope Francis’s speech to the European Parliament

Holy See

Ignace Berten analyses for us the speech delivered by Pope Francis to the European Parliament on 25 November.

The International Summer School – a place of change


For the ninth time in a row, COMECE has helped to organise the “Graz International Summer School Seggau” (GUSEGG) in Austria. The main theme of this year’s event was ‘transformation’.

ERASMUS+ without Erasmus?

European Commission

Would an Erasmus in Basel still be imaginable, or would he fall foul of the (planned) measures between Switzerland and the European Union?

Two Heralds of Peace Canonized

Church in Europe

Two 20th century popes will be raised to the altars on Sunday 27 April: both made pursuit of peace a priority.

Erasmus+: new support for youth mobility in Europe

European Union

With more resources the new EU programme represents an important step in the fight against youth unemployment. Moreover, it also offers further possibilities.

Monsignor Aldo Giordano’s Swan-Song

Church in Europe

The new nuncio to Venezuela may develop a fresh take on Europe from a distance of 3000 kilometres which Caracas affords.

The appeal to the “soul of Europe”

European Union

A metaphor, a misunderstanding, and their consequences.

European identity: young people raise the question


COMECE co-organised the 8th International Summer School in Austria, designed for internationally oriented students, who wish to deepen their understanding of current European affairs.


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