Tuesday 21. September 2021

To our EuropeInfos Readership

Over recent months a number of articles, written by guest authors from a wide Catholic academic network, and focusing on the understanding of core European values and their significance at the level of the Member States, have appeared in EuropeInfos.


A few of these articles have provoked a strong reaction and have caused considerable upset in certain quarters. The aim of the articles was to advance opinions founded on widely accepted facts and to stimulate debate, but certainly not to offend. It is a matter of regret to us that some sectors of our readership take particular exception to views published in these articles.


We felt it important to appraise our readership of the mission of EuropeInfos and the editorial policy that is designed to see that our journal fulfils its purpose:

Patrick H. Daly

To be in or not to be in

The UK Referendum promises to spark a major debate about Europe – and that is good news.

European External Action Service

A just war against terrorism?

Is the use of military force against IS legitimate? Gerhard Beestermöller, Professor of Theological Ethics at the Luxembourg School of Religion and Society, seeks answers from the perspective of Catholic peace ethics.

European Commission

Social Europe: last chance to change direction ?

Will the European Commission’s Work Programme for 2016 deliver on its promises made on social issues? Thomas Miessen, head European trade union affairs at the Confederation of Christian Unions (CSC), examines the problem.

European Union

The crisis in Europe: upheaval or new start?

In the coming months, EuropeInfos will be publishing a series of articles that seek to understand the new rifts between West and East Europe.

European Commission

Ideology of the New Right in Hungary

At the explicit request of the Hungarian Bishops' Conference, EuropeInfos withdraws the article 'Ideology of the New Right in Hungary' by Hans Schelkshorn from its Website.

European Union

What’s happening in Poland?

At the explicit request of the Polish Bishops' Conference, EuropeInfos withdraws the article 'What’s happening in Poland?' by Henryk Woźniakowski from its Website.


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