Tuesday 25. January 2022
European Union

Steering by sight

After Brexit, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy met together twice this summer, first in Berlin and then on Ventotene Island. Their aim: to chart a new course for the European Union.

European Commission

EU stability pact: interpreting the rules to suit

Despite high budget deficits, Spain and Portugal have been spared the sanctions of the EU stability pact for the time being. This decision is being met with a lack of understanding, and is one that illustrates the need for a joint fiscal policy.

European Union

Annihilation – is this the right response to terrorism?

Europe is still reeling from the terrorist attacks of recent months. Gerhard Beestermöller, Professor of Theological Ethics at the Luxembourg School of Religion and Society, looks for appropriate answers from a Christian point of view.

European Union

Turkey: getting out of the vicious circle

Turkey is living in a state of tension and fear after the failure of an attempted coup by an army faction. According to Jean-Marc Balhan SJ, Europe should go back to its role of support provider and catalyst.

European Union

Nuclear arms control in Europe: growing risks

Forty-six years on from the signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, humankind is still a long way from a world without nuclear weapons. Thomas Hoppe warns of a renewed increase in the influence of nuclear weapons, even in Europe.


“What have you done to your brother?”

COMECE’s Secretariat has a new General Secretary: interview with Fr Olivier Poquillon, a Dominican, who will take up his post at the beginning of September.


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