Wednesday 26. January 2022

What’s happening in Poland?


At the explicit request of the Polish Bishops' Conference, EuropeInfos withdraws the article 'What’s happening in Poland?' by Henryk Woźniakowski from its Website.


Read our note to EuropeInfos readers.

Krzysztof | 19.02.2016 06:06
Let us not put forward ideology before truth. Wozniakowski described situation in Poland and indicated that the church did no take official stand towards abuse of power and weakening of democratic institutions Constitutional court, media, offensive language of public debate. I still think the Church should address these issues in a balanced way and am sure many people regret it does not.
Steven | 14.02.2016 07:07
Censorship. SHAME! Polish Bishops' Conference, SHAME!
Pawel | 12.02.2016 19:07
"Through its articles, EuropeInfos provides without fear or favor an analysis of decisions taken by the EU institutions and offers a critical view if necessary. In the same way, EuropeInfos feels itself free to criticize decisions taken by Member States which put the foundational values of Europe at risk. These have been the guiding editorial principles on which EuropeInfos has been run from the outset, 20 years ago, and they continue to be applied today."

Unless influential figures from Polish Catholic Church who support current anti-democratic government suggest us to remove critical article from our website. In this instance obviously we delete it from public domain instead of publishing a polemic...
Pawel | 11.02.2016 20:08
We are familiar in Poland with censorship against freedom. Communists in the past, Catholics now. Overcame then, will overcome again !
    Chris | 14.02.2016 13:01
    Shame on you Paweł. The situation in Poland really depicts what is called democracy. The government has been formed according to the those who took part in the elections. Secondly, the article by Mr Woźniak was far cry from objectivity asking Polish bishops to support KOD. How can we trust the Leader of the KOD who doesn't understand his obligations towards his own children. If somebody is not fair in his own yard how can he be fair and just on political issues which also require a a right moral stance? How it is possible to promote immorality and at the same time claim that it is in defence of democratic values?
       jan | 19.02.2016 12:12
       Chris, you just write like the new undemocratic Polish regime does. First you try to ashame the opponent, then you argue as the court of Kaczynski does: everyone is guilty but not we.
The reality is as Mr Wozniakowski describes. On the other hand Kaczynski would not get his 37 % without vehement help of pater Rydzyk and Polish bishops and now he want to rule as a Polish Stalin.
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