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#136 - march 2011


Frank Turner SJ

Seeing ourselves as others see us

If you want to know why Europeans belong in a single community, visit any one of Britain's great medieval

Religious freedom

European Council

Persecution of Christians finally given the attention it deserves

Institutional affairs

European Council

Energy and Innovation – afterthoughts at the summit table

Even though energy and innovation policy had been established long ago

Institutional affairs

European Council

Challenges of the Hungarian Presidency

The presidency does not provide notable additional rights or influence in decision-making 

External Policy

European Union

Rethinking the external action of the EU

The Commission has opened a wide process of public consultation that aims to redefine crucial elements

Research & Bioethics

European Commission

The new mandate of the EGE

Some of the subjects of past Opinions are likely to remain at the centre of the Group's bioethical reflections

Research & Bioethics

European Commission

Achievements and challenges for the European Group on Ethics

Interview with Prof. Günter Virt (Austria)

Energy Policy

European Council

The EU faces up to its energy challenge

A reliable, sustainable and affordable energy supply with guaranteed sources and contributing to European 

Internal Market

European Commission

Does the common system of VAT need a total overhaul?

Over the last few years, the amount of value added tax (VAT) as a part

Regional Policy

European Union

Towards a new territorial governance

Interview with Jean-Marie Beaupuy, former MEP (2004-2009)


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