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#138 - May 2011


Frank Turner SJ

The EU in the face of Turmoil in North Africa

The wave of change in North Africa is exhilarating in its expression of the desire

Justice & Home affairs

European Union

The Roma issue at the top of the EU political agenda

The Roma issue is one of the top priorities under the Hungarian Presidency

Research & Bioethics

European Commission

The ethics of the clinical trials pose new challenges for EU policy

The new public consultation launched by the European Commission opens an

Social affairs

Council of Europe

Shared Social Responsibilities: Finding new ways to enhance social cohesion in Europe

The European Union (EU) and the

Climate change

European Commission

The Emissions Trading Scheme

Marketing the EU greenhouse emissions needs adjustment as to be an effective instrument to mitigate climate

External Policy


COMECE Bishops see in the Arab Spring a clear sign of hope

The COMECE Bishops dedicated their Spring Plenary Session to

External Policy


The Arab Spring: focus on North African countries

Fr. Christophe Roucou interviewed several bishops living in the North African countries

Social affairs

European Union

The Trio Presidency and Poland call for a better balance between work and family life to meet the demographic challenge

Fundamental rights

European Court of Human Rights

The final word on the Lautsi case: the European Court of Human Rights opts for reasonableness

The so-called ‘Lautsi case’ has been one


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