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#140 July-August 2011
Frank Turner SJ

The Commission’s narrow conception of Education

A society’s guiding values are evident in its vision of education. Education systems initiate the young into their culture’s ethos and heritage.

European Council

Taking stock of the Summit

It appears that even the European Council is not entirely comfortable with its decisions. At least, that is the impression you are left with after reading the conclusions of the 23-24 June Summit.

European Union

The Greek Crisis: archaic practices and cover-ups

As it trundles on, the Greek crisis has been anything but transparent. After months of frenetic negotiations it is still safe to bet that Europe will not leave Athens in the lurch.

European Commission

Roma inclusion: a need, a challenge and a duty

This was the topic of the Dialogue Seminar which took place this 27 June at the European Commission. About 12 million Roma live throughout Europe today.

European Union

The EU and protection of the dignity of every disabled person

According to official EU information, one person out of six in the European Union has a disability ranging from mild to severe, thus being prevented from taking part fully in society and the economy because of environmental and attitudinal barriers.


The social market economy – a compass for Europe

“Social market economy in the European Union” was the theme of a conference on 27 and 28 May organised by the COMECE Secretariat and the Katholische Sozialwissenschaftliche Zentralstelle (“Catholic Social Sciences Centre”) affiliated with the German Bishops’ Conference.


It’s not enough to refer to our values

Philippe Herzog is the Director of the Confrontations Europe think-tank and special adviser to Commissioner Michel Barnier. After discussing forms of solidarity from nation state to the EU, he ended his address to the Mönchengladbach conference by drawing attention to the real danger facing the Eurozone and the need for progress in economic integration.

European Council

The first Polish Presidency of the Council

Poland will for the first time be taking over the Presidency of the European Union. The legacy of ‘Solidarity’ is meant to be reflected in the Polish actions and priorities during the six-month Presidency – especially in the new budget agreements and in external and economic policies.

European Commission

Alternative sources of stem cells – scientific bedrocks of a political decision

There are alternatives to human embryonic stem cells. Is the EU prepared to take the recent scientific advances into consideration when designing the next research framework programme?

European Economic and Social Committee

Launch of the European Sunday Alliance

The debate over working in Sundays is back in the news headlines. The European Sunday Alliance held its grand launch day on 20 June 2011 in Brussels at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).


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