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#141 - September 2011
Piotr Mazurkiewicz

What young protesters get up to during their holidays

Normally August is the ‘silly season’ for Europe. People disappear on holiday, postponing all important matters until September, while beaches and museums fill up with tourists. Daily life becomes so boring that journalists have a tough time finding anything worth writing up for their news pages that are normally crammed with current events.

European Union

Nuclear catastrophe in Japan triggers new debate on nuclear energy

Former Japanese Prime Minister Kan publicly contemplates the abandoning of nuclear power by his country; meanwhile, in Germany the Atomic Energy Act has been amended, with a date for  abandoning nuclear power set for 2022 at the latest; the Netherlands plans to build a new reactor...

European Commission

Commission tries to tackle the issue of property rights for ‘international couples’

It is estimated that about 16 million ‘international couples’ currently exist in the European Union. One of the most relevant aspects of such situations concerns the regulation of the property rights of these couples.

European Union

Israël-Palestine: the Challenge of Peace

The current impasse suggests that only with international engagement can a peace settlement be achieved.

European Union

Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020: what lies behind the proposal

This article gives an insight into the main issues at stake behind the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework, that of a more policy-driven EU budget, and into the battle to come, that of ‘own resources’.

Church in Europe

Proven rules for a hope-filled future

Martin Rupprecht is a parish priest in Vienna and the director of the Centre for Christian-Islamic Encounter in the Archdiocese of Vienna. Based on his experience, he has drawn up some basic principles.

Church in Europe

Islam in Europe and Islamophobia

The meeting of the Council of the European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE) for relations with Muslims in Europe was held in Turin on 31 May to 2 June this year and involved some thirty participants coming from around twenty European countries as well as Tunisia and Turkey.


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