Monday 6. December 2021
#142 - October 2011
Frank Turner SJ

9/11 and Europe – Ten years on

Europe Infos comes late to the tenth anniversary commemoration of the terrible attack on the USA. The events of that day have shaped not only the USA’s but also Europe’s subsequent relationship with the wider world.

German constitutional Court

Constitutional law strengthens the rights of the German Parliament once again

A strong emphasis on the position of the German Parliament in the context of European integration runs like a leitmotif through the case law of Germany’s highest court. It is confirmed that the Bundestag has comparable weight in relation to measures affecting the budget.

European Court of Justice

Honey on dispute: The conflict on GMOs continues

A recent verdict from the Court of Justice of the European Union draw attention to the real difficulties of co-existence between genetically modified and non-modified products.

European Union

Amending FRONTEX for a credible control of the EU borders

Relevant changes in the Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders will improve a common answer to the new challenges.

European Union

Taking into account the human and environmental costs of natural resource extraction

During a recent visit to Brussels Monseigneur Ramazzini, Bishop of San Marcos, Guatemala, reported to European policymakers about the negative impacts of mining in his home country, Guatemala.


Conference at the European Parliament on the encyclical letter Laborem exercens

On 21 September a conference was held at the European Parliament  which was unusual in terms of its subject, the diversity of the speakers and the organisations joining forces to promote it.


Baghdad’s Open University: a project of hope for Iraq

The Baghdad Open University project is an initiative of the Dominican Fathers in Baghdad. They saw the need to create a place for freedom, dialogue and study – in a country laid waste by tyranny and war, where few good educational opportunities exist for a traumatised younger generation with little to look forward to.

European Union

Reforming the CAP: why this debate involves us all

12 October is the date everyone has been waiting for, the day when the Commission will set before the Council its proposals for the reform of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy). These proposals will be analysed, weighed up and inevitably criticised by every interested group, above all farmers and ecologists.


How to tackle hate incidents and crimes against Christians?

The Chairmanship of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the relevant Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) have organised an event in order to reflect on the phenomenon of hate incidents and crimes against Christians.


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