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Frank Turner SJ

The G20 seeks to address the financial crisis

The French city of Cannes, better known for its opulence than for its geo-political significance, was perhaps a symbolically odd choice to host one of the most important recent meetings of the G20.

European Commission

The long march towards a Financial Transaction Tax begins

In a Communication dated 28 September, the European Commission proposed the introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).

European Court of Justice

The Brüstle case and the commercial exploitation of the human embryo

The positive effects of the decision on such a milestone ruling will certainly spill over to other policy fields, starting with EU research funding.

European Union

Schengen: a visible success to be promoted

There are a billion reasons to maintain the Schengen zone as a space of freedom of movement.

European Union

Food distribution in the EU

A long-established programme to support people in need through the distribution of food is being threatened - precisely at a time of crisis.

European Union

Enlargement Strategy 2011-2012 of the EU

On October, 12th the European Commission released its yearly communication on enlargement, stressing the potential of the accession process to trigger transformation in the candidate countries.

European Commission

The EU steps up its effort to protect victims of crime

According to the European Commission, up to 15% of the European Union’s population may be victims of crime within EU territory every year, with consequences not only for them but for their family members as well.

Jesuit Refugee Service

Refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: what sort of welcome awaits exiles?

Anne Ziegler is a project coordinator at the St Vartan Centre (Jesuit Refugee Service) at Aleppo in Syria. She describes the alarming situation of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan.

European Union

Elections in Egypt: what outcome to expect ?

Drs. Cornelis Hulsman has been involved in non-partisan studies on Muslim/ non-Muslim relations in Egypt since 1976 and includes in his network senior Christian and Muslim leaders.

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