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Piotr Mazurkiewicz

The future of Christians in the Middle East

On 18 and 19 November 2011, a group of MEPs from different European Parliament party groups organised the first top-level parliamentary conference on the theme “The future of Christians in the Middle East”.

European Union

The Single Currency, a tool providing spiritual momentum for European unification

Jacques Delors denounced the origins of the euro crisis in his acceptance speech when receiving his honorary Doctorate at the Catholic University of Paris on 24 November. Some extracts of his speech are given below.

European Parliament

What I want in 2012: Europeans and Europe to get the respect they deserve

Sylvie Goulard is an MEP (ALDE-France)  and member of the European Parliament’s standing committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

European Union

Federal Europe

The European Summit of 8-9 December produced two sets of conclusions. The first, which was somewhat rather static, with all 27 signatures, then a second set with 26 signatures that opens up a new dynamic for the future of Europe.

European External Action Service

The European External Action Service and Africa

If the EEAS is struggling it is largely because the EU’s politics, not least towards Africa, lacks coherence.

European Commission

EU should update its research policy on stem cells

Is the EU going to finance research on embryos and embryonic stem cells under the new research framework program Horizon 2020 ?

European Commission

Commission presents its concept for cohesion policy post-2013

With a planned budget of €376 billion, cohesion policy is second only to agriculture in terms of expenditure in the EU financial framework 2014-2020.

European Commission

A Global Approach to Migration

The “Global Approach to Migration” has been expanded and now includes Mobility in a more migrant-centred approach.

Church in Europe

Economic crisis : the reinvention of work

Fr Henri Madelin’s thoughts on the meaning of human work while attending a conference on 8 December organised at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ‘Laborem exercens’ Encyclical.

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