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Frank Turner SJ

Divisions in the EU

When partnerships are under strain, facing a crisis may either bring people together or deepen divisions.

European Commission

European Commission focuses on social entrepreneurship

“Social business is a good example of an approach to business that is both responsible and contributes to growth and jobs.”, according to European Commissioner Michel Barnier.

European Commission

EU funds - a new face for justice and fundamental rights

The role of the EU in the field of justice, rights and citizenship has increased with the Treaty of Lisbon. This aspect is meant to be reflected in the revision of EU funding in these areas.

European Court of Human Rights

A positive ruling underpinned by fragile foundations

The ban on heterologuos assisted reproductive technologies in conformity with the European Convention of Human Rights.

European Commission

Opportunities for young people!

More than 20% of job seekers under 25 in the EU are unable to find a job. For this reason, youth unemployment is twice that for the total work force in the EU.



EU External Action Service

The Dynamics of Conflict in Nigeria

For Nigerian Christians, last Christmas and the days that followed have been a nightmare. Christian communities have become the sole target of Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamists group.

United Nations

After Durban: can Climate change wait ?

The Durban agreements made some progress towards a global climate regime, but did not deliver enough to prevent dangerous climate change and its impacts on the most vulnerable countries.

Church in Europe

Solidarity and responsibility: the two pillars of a new economic order for Europe

While the economic crisis is hitting Europe where it hurts most and as more and more voices are being raised to denounce the capitalist economic system, COMECE’s bishops set out their vision of a social market economy.

Church in Europe

Can Churches in Europe become leaders in Energy efficiency ?

Climate change, increasing energy costs and peak oil are not only challenges for the European countries but also for the European churches.

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