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Piotr Mazurkiewicz

The exchange of gifts between Europe and Africa

During last year the attention on our thinking about Africa was focused on the north of the continent with the so-called Arab Spring.

European Council

Solidarity and Responsibility

Twenty years after Maastricht, the twin treaties on the European Stability Mechanism and on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union, negotiated under pressure of the debt crisis, represent important steps towards the necessary consolidation of the European Union.

Church in Europe

Corporate Social Responsibility and the tradition of Catholic Social Thought

The recent report of the European Commission on Corporate Social Responsibility resonates with the innovative postulates of ‘Caritas in Veritate’.

European Commission

A renewed framework for the activities of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency

Fundamental rights and freedoms are at the core of the actions of the European Union. After five years of at times controversial operations, the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) is soon to have a new framework for its initiatives.

European Commission

European Citizens’ Initiative: The Countdown has begun!

On 1 April the big day will finally be here! That is the date on which the Regulation on the European Citizens’ Initiative will enter into force.

European Commission

EU Funding for Embryo Research: the hidden Agenda

We seem to have here a very clear example of the ‘slippery slope’ argument in action. After much controversy permission is given for a fundamental principle to be breached (the sanctity of human life) because it is felt to be justified by some imminent greater good.

European Union

Africa, an EU strategic partner

The ’objectification’ of Africa and her peoples should be avoided.

European Commission

Agriculture affects us all

On 12 October 2011, the European Commission presented its proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union for the years 2014–2020. This represents a further step towards reform of what is so far the only fully common policy area of the EU.

European Commission

Joint value-added tax system: Quo vadis?

Within the scope of the fundamental renewal of the value-added tax system, the European Commission is planning measures to make the system simpler, more efficient and better protected against fraud. Tax exemptions for non-profit organisations and reduced tax rates are also being examined closely.

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