Monday 6. December 2021
#149 - May 2012
Piotr Mazurkiewicz

An Ecumenical Ethical Charter

One of the important problems the ecumenical dialogue is confronted with is the fact that today the controversies among Churches are mostly ethical.

European Commission

Are quotas the way to achieve Equal Opportunities?

Today, the share of women in leading positions, particularly in large companies, is low.

European Commission

Rio + 20 and the European Union

In June 2012, twenty years after the first "Earth Summit", Rio de Janeiro will again be the "world capital of sustainable development" under the United Nations Conference called "Rio+20".

European Commission

The new EU Strategy for the Protection of Animals

For a more balanced approach to the protection of animals EU must at least overcome one major ethical contradiction.

European Commission

Congo:legislative initiatives in the mining sector

The European Commission is studying the appropriateness and the content of new European legislation relating to ‘blood minerals’ that are probably financing and prolonging armed conflict in different regions of the world.

European Parliament

The Protection of human rights in the face of terrorism

The European Parliament has discussed human rights in contexts where governments are tempted to set them aside – in the struggle against terrorism.

European Commission

Viewpoint on Morocco

Morocco has "exploited" the signals of the Arab Spring to turn it to its own advantage, a learning experience, a stronger commitment to address the social contradictions of wealth and poverty.


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