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Frank Turner SJ

Economic turmoil and European politics

Politicians are in disarray over the Euro as European electorates send contradictory signals.

European Court of Justice

Religious persecution: a serious ground for granting asylum

When the public expression of religion entails serious risk to life, integrity or freedom of a person, the victim is entitled to obtain asylum in the EU, the ECJ Advocate General proposes.

European Commission

A promising European Citizens’ Initiative launched for the protection of human life

The registration of the Initiative opens up the expectation that the Commission will propose concrete legislation in this field.

European Union

Christians in the Arab World: One year after the Arab Spring

On Wednesday 9 May, the EPP and ECR political Groups of the European Parliament co-organised together with COMECE a half-day Seminar on Christians in the Middle East and North Africa.

European Commission

Towards a job-rich recovery

The Commission proposes a package of measures and recommendations that will lead to job creation; it envisages funding from the Structural Funds.

European Court of Human Rights

The reform of the European Court of Human Rights

Approximately 150,000 cases sit on the desks of the European Court of Human Rights, waiting for a decision.

European Commission

Are household services a way out of the crisis?

A public consultation by the European Commission on increasing employment and quality in the sector should provide some insights.

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