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Piotr Mazurkiewicz

From Euro-crisis to European crisis?

The current financial and economic crisis could lead to a political crisis, not only impacting on the EU institutions internally but also causing general political instability.

European Commission

Managing banks that cannot manage themselves

The European Commission seeks to limit the impact of banking crises and to coordinate governmental regulation.

European Union

Europe in 2012: The second decade

We are currently at the centre of a major change in the political system in Europe. The European Council meeting of 28-29 June could well mark a turning point in the history of our continent.

European Union

Egypt’s presidential elections and the Copts

The electoral results have plunged part of this country, especially its Christian community, into uncertainty.


European Cohesion Policy : The Role of Church actors

This theme has recently been developed in a Joint Position paper by the Secretariat of COMECE with the special contributions of the Kommissariat of the German Bishops and its ecumenical partners.

United Nations

Rio+20, not exactly 'the future we want'

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development has had an unsatisfactory outcome. It doesn't offer anything new or ambitious.


COMECE publishes the latest Opinions of its Reflection Group on Bioethics

The principal and most recent Report and Opinion – on the term ’sexual and reproductive health’ – was publicly presented at the European Parliament, during the Week for Life.

European Union

The African situation with regard to ’sexual and reproductive health’

The real need of Africa is the eradication of diseases and hunger, as well as the encouragement of self-reliance for its people achieved through massive investment in human capital development.

Church in Europe

"The EU is founded on values and not on national interests"

President Herman Van Rompuy sets out his vision for a united Europe based on values and on the Christian conviction that caring for others means finding yourself.

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