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Frank Turner SJ

The EU, the USA, and the global economic crisis

Thus in the USA, many states contribute far more to the federal level than they receive from it, whereas others need significant net support. The system copes without quasi-Thatcherite cries of ‘I want my money back’.

EU Commission

Registration of births – a basis for safeguarding children’s rights

51 million children born worldwide in 2007 were not registered. It may seem to be a mere formality, but it is the factual basis for claiming their rights.

United Nations

From Durban to Doha: the Rio+20 conference - milestone or dead end?

Decision makers were expected to put a halt to the unsustainable paths we’re engaged in, and to support the sustainable solutions that are needed most urgently. They failed to do so.

EU Commission

Freedom of movement in a divided Cyprus

Respect for International Law and Human Rights should be the priority in the EU approach towards the Cypriot question.

EU Commission

Children and the Internet: Commission poised for incisive action

The European Commission estimates that 75% of European children use the Internet, one third of them through mobiles. The many challenges posed by this reality have prompted the development of a comprehensive strategy.


Studying in a Melting Pot

It was for the seventh time when, on 1 July 2012, Prof. Dr. Neuper, Rector of the University of Graz and Bishop Dr. Kapellari officially opened the ”International Summer School Seggau (ISSS)“.

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