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Frank Turner SJ

The eradication of poverty in a time of crisis

In phases of expansion, the poor are the last to gain; in recession they are among the first to suffer.

European Union

A two-speed Europe

The conclusions of the last European Council of 18 –19 October show that the announced European measures for growth and employment are only being implemented very slowly.

German Constitutional Court

Judgment from Karlsruhe: ‘Drawn-out’ urgent proceedings

The President of Germany signed the ratification document for the ESM Treaty on 27 September. Earlier, the other Member States of the Eurozone had already signed a joint declaration on the interpretation of various articles of the Treaty.

European Commission

Clinical trials: the pursuit of a difficult balance

The new Regulation on clinical trials aims at relaunching clinical research in Europe while ensuring the highest standards of protection of trials subjects.

European Commission

Giving better recognition to non-formal and informal learning in Europe

At least since the time when the concept of “life-long learning” has served to define European education policy, skills and abilities that can be acquired outside the formal education systems have assumed increasing importance.

European Union

How to deal with cross-border succession in Europe ?

In the context of the increasing mobility of EU citizens and of their family members, the legal difficulties that arise with regard to succession when a death sadly occurs are a harsh reality to be addressed.

European Union

The Social Model and Subsidiarity

The Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan draws a provocative perspective on the European Crisis.

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