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Michael Kuhn

The crisis as an opportunity for a necessary deepening of Europe

Fear not only resonates with the siren songs of the populists but also masks the possible consequences of populism and nationalism, whose solutions to the crisis seem to be rooted more in confrontation than in collaboration.

European Council

Moving towards a rigorous Multiannual Financial Framework

This time, just three paragraphs were needed to report the failure of acrimonious negotiations at the European Council over revenues from European taxpayers.

European Union

Trafficking in human beings in the EU

Although the EU and Member States have adopted new measures to combat human trafficking, better implementation and coordination are the key to success.

European Commission

The European Commission’s grim economic forecast

The economic forecast of the European Commission for 2012-14 is sobering, but its tone obscures crucial human truths.

European External Action Service

EU Human Rights Guidelines on the Protection of Religious Freedom

The EU needs to strengthen its policy on the Freedom of Religion or Belief since it is the pinnacle of all other freedoms and closely connected to many other fundamental rights and freedoms.

European Union

The referendum on Scottish independence and EU Membership

The UK Government accepted that the question of Scottish independence should be a question for the people of Scotland to determine.

Church in Europe

The oldest town twinning in Europe

Today there is a wide network of towns and regions working together to promote a united Europe. In this context it would be only right to make reference to one of the oldest twinning arrangements in Europe, that of Le Mans with Paderborn, which has lasted almost twelve centuries!

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