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Frank Turner SJ

The European Commission challenges tax avoidance

An Action Plan of the Commission proposes essential elements of good tax governance.

European Council

Combining Solidarity and Responsibility

The final European summit of 2012 ratified a Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) for European banks which will enter into force in March 2014. This is a major decision.

Europäische Union

Keeping EU promises to the poorest with the FTT

Civil society campaigners, financial lobbyists, governments and many others in Europe and world-wide are waiting with bated breath for the long anticipated announcement of the introduction of the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) in the EU, expected by the end of 2012.

European Commission

Draft Directive on the quota for women on supervisory boards: A great success?

15% is the proportion of women among non-executive directors and members of supervisory boards of companies listed on the stock exchange in the EU-27 countries. The proportion of women on management boards is even lower, at 8.9% throughout Europe. It does not take a mathematical genius to see that this is not a lot.

United Nations

Doha a new disappointment

Doha Climate Change Conference has reached very poor results increasing doubts about multilateralism.

European Council

Western Balkan countries: is the EU visa-free regime at risk?

Poverty and misinformation are the major reasons behind the abuse of the European asylum system by citizens of some Western Balkans countries.

European Council

Europe and the Upgrading of the Status of Palestine at the UN

European attempts to dissuade the Palestinians from presenting their initiative for full UN membership to the Security Council were in stark contrast to the enthusiastic European support for other Arab peoples’ quest for freedom.

European Union

Democracy now! Democracy tomorrow? The future of democracy

Many people worry  about losing the standard of living they have achieved, or even their “homogeneous” national identity, and are therefore leaning towards authoritarian political forms.

Church in Europe

Dialogue on a Social Market Economy

Building a European social market economy is part of the quest for world peace and global justice. That was the theme of the Dialogue Seminar between Churches and the European Commission on 14 December.

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