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Michael Kuhn

“Tišma’s dog”

“We are stuck on an ice floe as if frozen, not knowing what action to take as we drift along downriver.”

European Commission

European Year: it’s on!

A recent survey revealed that many European citizens are not adequately informed about the rights deriving from their EU citizenship. The European Union intends to address this problem.

European Union

European Asylum System: we already needed it in 2012

In spite of negotiations, the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) has still not been finalised and its shortcomings are having a negative effect on asylum seekers.

European Commission

Phasing-out Fossil Fuel Subsidies

As countries emerge from the economic crisis, the revenues that can be saved from removing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies can be redirected to poverty alleviation, health and education.

European Commission

EU Biofuels policy and food insecurity in Africa

The increased demand for biofuels is one of the main factors contributing to the current food price volatility and is diverting farmland away from food production in food insecure regions.

European Commission

Medical Devices under scrutiny

There are currently around half a million Medical Devices on the market, ranging from corrective glasses and contact lenses, to X-ray machines, pacemakers and in vitro diagnosis devices. But are they really safe?

European External Action Service

Religious Freedom: a new set of tools

Action and more effective mechanisms are urgently needed to fight more effectively the increasing violations of freedom of religion in the world. The EEAS is now about to be offered a new set of tools.

The Church in Europe

“Reconciliation is not an empty word a real way forward”

It was with these words that French and German bishops hailed the 50th anniversary of Franco-German reconciliation in a joint declaration published on 18 January 2013.

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