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Fr Patrick Daly

Reading History

“History”, in the view of Henry Ford whose invention of the Model T was itself to change the course of history, is ‘bunk.’

European Council

An EU guided by an Ariadne thread

In Greek mythology, Ariadne gave a ball of thread to Theseus to unwind as he negotiated the Cretan labyrinth in order to fight the Minotaur. Following the thread back thus allowed her beloved to escape. A method not unlike that being used by Herman Van Rompuy.

European Court of Human Rights

Care for your job? Hide your religion.

Can one object on grounds of religion to the performance of certain activities at the work place? The Strasbourg Court has hardly contributed to finding a solution and bringing more clarity to the issue…

European External Action Service

The EU and the “Arab Spring”: the case of Libya

Libya is in the midst of armed chaos with an absence of State authority. There is a government which exists on paper and sometimes on TV rather than a real institution that exercises its authority on the ground.

European Union

Building bridges between Africa and the EU

“With one hand we give Africa a few crumbs and with the other we remove the loaf” says Angel Olaran, missionary in Ethiopia.

European Commission

Preparing to meet an unforeseeable future

The EU attempts a ‘complex but not futile’ study of the trends and challenges facing Europe up to the year 2030.

European Commission

Nanotechnologies…. Nanoethics?

Milk and honey await those who invest in nanotechnology. At least, that’s what many seem to believe. But what exactly is nanotechnology and is it all as promising as it sounds?

European Union

Are we born a woman or do we become so?

Now more than ever, taking a stance with regard to the famous assertion of Simone de Beauvoir may have a critical impact on political decision making.

European Commission

Rethinking education?

At a time of crisis and cuts to the welfare state, the mantra of reforms in exchange for efficiency has also reached education.

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