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Frank Turner SJ

The Ethical Challenge to Offshore Banking

Cyprus’s financial crisis has proved to be one special instance of a broader crisis of finance and of ethics.

European Commission

A step towards a more social Europe?

“European economic governance needs to be balanced by a social dimension,”stated representatives of the Churches in Europe at a meeting with the Irish EU Presidency in Dublin on 8 March.

European Commission

A decent life for all

Poverty and climate change are the two main challenges for the 21st century and the European Commission has just made public a Communication addressing these issues.

European Union

Shale gas: a fracturing debate

Our economy and our lifestyle rely on growing energy demand. Technology could allow us to extract natural gas which was out of reach until now. How deep can we drill into the ground, and how deep should we drill into our hunger for energy?

European Group on Ethics

Energy is not just about economics

Does Europe need an Ethical Framework for Assessing Research, Production and Use of Energy ? Interview with Prof Emmanuel Agius.

European Council

EU-Latin America dialogue: trade, but also people

Latin America wasn’t a priority for the EU in the past, but things are changing.

European Union

Winning over the people of Europe to Europe

“We Europeans are united in peace, to pursue happiness and prosperity for ourselves and for the whole world.”

European Union

Nigeria:“terrorism and corruption are the main plagues”

Interview with John Cardinal Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of Abuja, on the situation in Nigeria, on the occasion of his visit to the EU Institutions on 23-25 April.

European Union

Epikeia – better justice for Europe

2013 is the “European Year of Citizens”. This year was nominated to raise public awareness about the rights and obligations of Union citizenship. But how can and should EU citizens understand and maintain their rights and obligations?

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