Monday 6. December 2021
#161 - June 2013
Patrick H. Daly

The Bishop of Rome as a European

A non-European pope will face European challenges.

European Council

Kairos for taxation vs. a setback for energy

An unexpected breakthrough in the fight against tax fraud alongside the smallest possible step forward in the area of EU energy policy, even though both topics are supposed to be equally important.

European Union

Citizenship as a Christian Commitment

The European Commission identifies a series of practical measures to overcome obstacles to the exercise of European citizens’ rights. This is welcome: but Christians are called to look further.

European Union

Migration as a Civilisational Challenge

In April, Julio Martinez SJ, Rector of the Pontifical University of Comillas in Madrid was awarded the "Economy and Society" prize of the prestigious Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation. Europe Infos interviewed him.

European Commission

A New EU Migration Policy to attract Foreign Students and Researchers

A proposed Directive seeks to increasing the number of talented internationals who may reside in the EU.

European Council

Preventing Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War

Sexual violence in armed conflict represents one of the most serious forms of the abuse of International humanitarian and human rights law. The G8 Ministers take new initiatives to prevent it.

European Union

Transparency in extractive industries

European legislation in the extractive sector still has a long way to go before it can be an effective instrument against tax evasion.

European Commission

Social investment in young Europeans

The 4th European Demography Forum examines youth guarantees.

European Union

Souls of Europe: Stefan Zweig

The European Union today may seem unsure of itself, its political leaders vacillating, its intellectuals confused in regard to the way ahead and vague about Europe’s identity. For the Austrian author, Stefan Zweig, Europe was his Heimat, his home, and even though not a believer in any classical sense, he was convinced Europe had a soul.


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