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Frank Turner SJ

Military-Political Decisions and Christian Witness

Ever since the use of chemical weapons in Syria on August 21st, the possibility of a military intervention in Syria by Western powers has provoked passionate debate.


G20 – A step towards better financial regulation

While the G20 debate on Syria stalled, notable progress was made on the regulation of international finance.

European Union

The G20 and Energy Sustainability

For the duration of the Russian Presidency of the G20, energy sustainability will be towards the top of the agenda in an effort to unlock global sustainable development.

European Parliament

Creating opportunities for young people

Education and training play a significant role not only in coping with the crisis in Europe but also in the personal development of the individual. That was the conclusion of the conference on the situation of young people in Europe.

European Union

Fighting human trafficking more effectively

To combat human trafficking, the European Union should encourage closer collaboration with religious and non-denominational organisations working on the ground.

European Commission

EU “Smart Borders”: Will They Really Be So Smart?

EU bodies are concerned about the effectiveness, the cost and risks to privacy that the proposed EU borders control systems may entail.

European Union

Orwell is smiling somewhere

It is ironic that in the course of the year the EU has devoted to ‘citizenship’ a scandal involving mass surveillance of so many of its citizens should explode.

European Parliament

European banks now under control?

Following the bankruptcies of the Hypo Real Estate Bank (Germany), Dexia (France-Belgium) and more recently of Laiki (Cyprus), the EU is about to put in place a European Banking Union.

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