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Patrick H. Daly

Putting Down Roots in New Soil

Most migrants leave the home they have known, under economic or social pressure, to escape war or religious persecution.

United Nations

Creating the Next Global Development Goals

The race to define a new generation of sustainable development goals is on. The EU has played a constructive role in UN negotiations so far, but many challenges remain.


European Commission

The Social Dimension of the Eurozone

In addition to proposals for paying closer attention to social and employment indicators in Eurozone countries, more sweeping ideas for a financial transfer within the monetary union are also being examined.

Caritas Europa

What future for the Welfare State in the EU ?

At the launch of its new report on “The Future of the Welfare State”, Caritas Europa has described welfare as one of the most critical issues to be faced by the EU and its Member States as they struggle to respond to the economic crisis.

United Nations

The Physical Science of Climate Change

The latest report from the IPCC confirms its previous findings adding more evidence to the human activity as the dominant cause of the observed global warming.


Climate Change: a matter of Solidarity and Global Justice

As the second biggest historical emitter of CO2 after the US , the EU clearly has a moral responsibility to act.

European Commission

Fuel Poverty and the EU

Are policymakers doing enough to tackle fuel poverty?

European Commission

Respect for the ‘rule of law’ into hyperdrive

Commissioner Reding believes that the European Union should be as ambitious with regard to the rule of law as it is on financial and banking issues if it is to win the hearts of EU citizens.

European Union

One child and... actually how many parents did you say?

Surrogate motherhood is an emergent ethical and legal issue at both international and EU levels.

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