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Fr Patrick H. Daly

Any bets on 2014?

It is fascinating to see how much the pundits who engage in forecasting the political weather as the year draws to a close got it right or wrong.

European Union

Ukraine postpones its engagement to the EU

The huge difference between now and the 2004 Orange Revolution lies in its economy.

European Union

A difficult road to Climate Justice after Warsaw Climate Summit

All countries must urgently work together in a spirit of solidarity to put the world on the right track: a path to decarbonised societies and climate justice for all.

Church in Europe

The Central African Republic: an eye-witness reports

Seleka, the sango word for ‘Union’ is the name adopted by the union of various rebel movements who seized power in the Central African Republic (CAR) by storming the Presidential Palace on 24 March 2013.

Social protection committee

Escaping the crisis: the role of social policies in Europe

Almost a quarter of the EU population finds itself at risk of poverty and social exclusion, according to a recent report from the European Social Protection Committee; and youth exclusion is a new social challenge.

European Commission

Is less freedom of movement in the EU the solution?

Prime Minister Cameron is spreading the idea that “Free movement within Europe needs to be less free”, as he has argued in a recent article in the Financial Times.

European Union

Erasmus+: new support for youth mobility in Europe

With more resources the new EU programme represents an important step in the fight against youth unemployment. Moreover, it also offers further possibilities.

Church in Europe

Europe: “Everything starts with trust!"

The more that Europeans can rely on decisions being respected in Europe, the greater the trust that can be regained.

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