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Fr Patrick H. Daly

Relationships re-examined

Switzerland, Scotland, England : 2014 promises to be a year in which a lot of relationships within Europe will be re-negotiated and re-assessed.

European Union

Serbia: new energy, new enthusiasm

Serbia's EU accession talks began on 20 January. Europeinfos interviewed Serbian Chief Negotiator Tanja Miscevic.

European Council

Challenges for EU public health policy

As the revision of the clinical trials Regulation comes close to its end, new priorities are set by the Greek Presidency.

European Commission

The EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Policy

EU 2030 Climate and Energy proposals: The path of least resistance for the Commission?

European Union

A new vision for EU Home and Justice Affairs ?

The moment has come for the EU to come up with forward-looking ideas impacting on areas such as migration, asylum and justice.

European Parliament

European elections 2014: Mr Hughes, what did you achieve as an MEP ?

In view of the elections to the European Parliament on 25 May, Europeinfos is conducting a series of interviews to illuminate the role and mission of Members of the European Parliament.

European Parliament

The European Parliament’s budgetary prerogatives

The European Parliament plays a full part in annual voting on the European budget, in drafting multiannual financial plans and in exercising budgetary control.

European Union

New ‘Europe for Citizens’ funding programme: a role for Churches?

While the European elections are looming large on the horizon, an EU long-term funding commitment ‘for’ its citizens can produce some surprises.

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