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Patrick H. Daly

Save the date

The elections scheduled for 22/25 May summon some 380 million EU citizens to the polling booth.

European Commission

The fence of shame

The death of fifteen young men when trying to reach the coast of Ceuta opens once more the debate on human rights and migration.

European Parliament

Mr Lamberts, what have been your achievements as an MEP?

Looking ahead to the elections to the European Parliament on 25 May next, Europeinfos is conducting a series of interviews to shed light on the role and work of Members of the European Parliament.

European Commission

Post to be filled: President of the European Commission

The term of the President of the European Commission is coming to an end. On 1 November next a new President will take office and lead the European executive for the next 5 years. Who will make the appointment and what are the criteria?

European Commission

ERASMUS+ without Erasmus?

Would an Erasmus in Basel still be imaginable, or would he fall foul of the (planned) measures between Switzerland and the European Union?

European Council

One hand cannot tie a package

The Bishops’ Conference of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) published a position paper for the EU-Africa-summit in early April this year.

European Union

Maritime Policy: opportunities and concerns

EU fisheries policy must recognise the human element in this vitally important sector, ensuring the welfare and safety of fishermen and their families.


The Church – supporting political engagement

What role can the Church play in enabling its members to bear witness to truth in public life?

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