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Frank Turner sj

The post-election crisis and the ground of our hope

The alienation expressed in the election results poses a formidable challenge for the next European Parliament, a crisis of legitimacy.

European Parliament

Sudoku competition at the European Parliament

Who will sit where, with whom and to defend what interests? The puzzle of the populist MEPs in discovering democracy, European Parliament-style.

European Council

Nominations for Commission President: the wrangling has started

While the European elections have renewed the European Parliament, the idea of putting forward the leaders of political groups for the post of Commission President, however, does not seem to be working.

European Union

Sorry: you will have to leave because you are an “unreasonable burden”

The right to reside on the territory of a host EU country is not unconditional and any EU citizen can be expelled if he or she fails to meet its residency requirements or constitutes a heavy burden on its welfare system.

European Commission

The new ‘Copernicus’ Earth observation programme

Since the beginning of April, Sentinel-1A, the first of a series of Copernicus satellites, has been orbiting in space and making long-range environmental monitoring possible. It is part of ‘Copernicus’, the new European Flagship Programme.

European Commission

Food for thought: brain research in the EU

Neuroscience research should develop hand-in-hand with reflections on neuroethics.

European Central Bank

New perspectives for the ECB

Now that the worst of the debt crisis is over, the ECB is once more in the news. The fragile growth that is being generated in Europe may have come up against a surprising obstacle: deflation.

Church in Europe

We have a dream

With the dream that inspired the founders of the European Community very much in mind, the two general secretaries of COMECE and Caritas Europa chat about the European project.

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