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Patrick H. Daly

A European cultural Summer

Can cultural exchange and open, honest dialogue about our faith-inspired convictions draw us together rather than drive us apart ?

European Council

Italian Presidency of the EU: trying hard not to disappoint

During the second half of 2014 Italy will hold the Presidency of the EU. It will do so with a mixture of ambition and realism.


A G7 summit in Brussels to impose sanctions on Russia

While it is possible to exclude Russia from the G7, progress cannot be made without Russia in certain areas that currently hold sway over global security.

European Commission

A troubled start for the European Citizens’ Initiatives

The rejection by the European Commission of the initiative ‘One of Us’ leads to the weakening of this innovatory democratic instrument.


European Council

Frontex and the future of EU Integrated Border System

Frontex will be a key actor to move from the area of cooperation to a future EU integrated borders control system.

European Commission

The TTIP from the standpoint of the negotiators

The negotiators of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) work on the basis of a political mandate given to the Commission by the governments of the EU Member States.

European Commission

TTIP: what about the underlying values?

The TTIP between the EU and the USA is currently the subject of much heated debate among many Europeans. In fact, some of the issues it raises run much deeper than those that are usually the subject of public debate.

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