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Patrick H. Daly

The Curtain Rises on the Five-Year Plan

The challenge of focusing on a common vision will make the eight weeks leading to the All Saints’ deadline pretty frantic.

European Council

The UK and the EU: membership without belonging?

The UK’s doomed campaign to prevent the appointment of M. Juncker has a historical context and an understandable immediate motive - which does not make it reasonable.

European Commission

European Commission: the best team?

The future European team must play its part on the global stage competently and professionally. This presents a challenge for the “selector”, Jean-Claude Juncker.

European Commission

Youth Guarantee to combat youth unemployment – but will it?

For several years, the high youth unemployment figures have posed major challenges for decision-makers at EU and Member State level. Accordingly, there are high expectations for the Youth Guarantee.

European Commission

On giving the new 'rule of law instrument' a fair chance

Ms. Viviane Reding now has a seat in the European Parliament. One of her last acts as Commissioner for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship was an instrument on rule of law crises at the national level.

European Commission

Genetically modified foods in the TTIP agreement

There are increasing discussions on genetic engineering as the TTIP negotiations continue.

European Commission

Protection of foreign investment: a legitimate concern?

The volume of investment abroad has risen sharply in recent decades. Encouraging and protecting international investments is part of international economic law and thus a subject of bilateral and regional agreements.


The International Summer School – a place of change

For the ninth time in a row, COMECE has helped to organise the “Graz International Summer School Seggau” (GUSEGG) in Austria. The main theme of this year’s event was ‘transformation’.

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