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Martin Maier sj

Reconciliation over the war graves

Ahead of the upcoming COMECE Plenary Assembly, the bishops will gather in Verdun on 11 November to commemorate the dead of the First World War and to pray for peace.

Forum 2000

Europe and the world engage in thoughtful debate in Prague

25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague, the capital city of the Velvet Revolution, has become the place for people to reflect on peace, democracy and citizenship.

European Commission

Screening the new Commission

After the appointment of Mr. Juncker as President it was then the turn of the new Commissioners to be screened by the European Parliament. The path for the new Commission is now open and it will start its term on 1 November.

European Union

Conflict Minerals : How the EU proposal could bring real change to suffering communities

Many electronic products sold by European companies are derived from natural resources that fuel violence in countries around the world.

European Commission

Energy efficiency in the EU: moving in the right direction

Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of the climate change policy. The last European Council has proposed a very ambitious 27% increase in efficiency beyond previous expectations.

European Court of Human Rights

Surrogacy, human dignity and the best interests of the child

The Strasbourg Court made judgements in what is increasingly becoming an ethical, judicial and political issue across Europe.

European Parliament

Facing nationalism in the European Union

The European Parliament brought the crucial problem of eurosceptical radical parties’ popularity to light. Those parties mostly share one common ideological denominator: nationalism or their nationalist attitude.

Holy See

“Whether the process is painful or happy, the construction is going forward”

While Pope Francis is getting ready to speak to the European Parliament on 25 November, we look back at the words spoken by his predecessors on the subject of European integration.

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