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Patrick H. Daly

Freedom to Speak, Yes. Freedom to Insult, No

Discussion of religion in the public forum can only benefit from being guided always by the virtue indicated by Thomas Aquinas to be the lynchpin of the whole moral fabric, namely prudence.


Towards COP21: impacts of climate change

Europeinfos is starting a series of articles to better understand the issues in relation to COP21 and the current and future challenges that climate change presents for Europe.

European Commission

2015 Work Programme: “new start” or déjà-vu?

When he took up his post as President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker had set out ten priorities for his term of office. Their implementation started at the beginning of this year 2015.

European Commission

A new approach to Migration and Asylum ?

The central goals of the new Commission, in particular growth and employment, largely determine its work programme on migration issues.

European Commission

Labour and Social Affairs in 2015 – the European Commission’s view

“To re-create growth and bring people back to work – that will be my ultimate goal.” That is the statement made by the new Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, on his website.

European Commission

Prudence often pays off

Research and health in the Commission’s Work Programme.

European Commission

Justice and fundamental rights in 2015: the Commission’s perspective

Is the new, bold Commission assembled by President Juncker tuned-in to current challenges? The easiest way to discover it is by going through the first of its annual Work Programmes…

European Commission

Can the EU become a stronger global actor?

Crisis in Ukraine, ISIL-advances in the Middle East, one-eighth of humanity undernourished: the new European Commission is set to tackle the challenges in the global arena.

Church in Europe

Attacks that need to be explained

The attack on the editorial board of “Charlie Hebdo” strikes at the heart of the comfortable illusions we nurture about secular European society. Heads of state and government walked arm in arm through the streets of the capital city of the quintessentially lay state, a symbolic collective demonstration of their repudiation of jihadist outrage.

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