Monday 6. December 2021
#183 - June 2015


European Council

European policy on refugees is flawed

A border is not only the line, often arbitrary, that delimits an area over which there is sovereignty. A border is also an “in-between” place for meetings or holding a parlay.

European Council

EU dampens Eastern partners‘ expectations

The Fourth Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga was not about making ambitious announcements. It was rather about finding a compromise in a very diverse environment.

European Union

Roma: A people without a Voice

On 15 April 2015, the European Parliament adopted a resolution to end discrimination against Roma. We have asked an expert in gypsy culture, Bishop Jànos Székely, Auxiliary Bishop of Esztergom-Budapest, to react on the adoption of this resolution.

European Union

Failure of the NPT Review Conference sends out alarm signals

Nuclear weapons, in contrast to chemical and biological weapons, are the only weapons of mass destruction not covered by any legal regime to ban them.

European Commission

EU Commissioner Cañete: “Paris has to be a success!”

The Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Mr. Cañete, talks to Europeinfos about the main challenges for the EU in these negotiations.

Holy See

“Sacred cows” in Castel Gandolfo?

It is a well-known fact that Castel Gandolfo is the Pope’s summer residence, but few people are aware that it is also a place where cows graze and cheese is made. This is a report from a voyage of discovery.


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