Monday 6. December 2021
#184 - July-August 2015
Patrick H. Daly

Royal Prerogative Exercised to Encourage Europe to Pull Together

In Berlin, Elizabeth II appealed against putting the fruits of common endeavour at risk by undermining our European unity.

European Commission

Migration: Which is the European Agenda for the Hopeless?

European crossroads: Cosmetic or real openness to giving an answer to the needs of millions of migrants and refugees seeking an alternative to despair?

European Commission

The digital future of Europe mapped out

With the recently launched Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe, another thorny area gets the “Juncker treatment”. Let’s have a look into it…

European Union

Economics of climate change: the ecological debt ?

Climate change has many dimensions: physical, social, political and also economical. Mitigation is a challenge to our economies. Waiting is not longer an option.

Church in Europe

Cries of the poor and cries of Nature

On Pope Francis’ new Encyclical letter Laudato Si.


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