Monday 6. December 2021
Patrick H. Daly

The soothsayer’s predictions missed the mark in 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, our European leaders find themselves confronted with not just one, but with a series of intractable problems.


Disappointing G20 summit in Turkey

Oscar Mateos, Professor of International Relations at the University of Ramon Llull in Barcelona and staff member of the Centro de Estudios Cristianismo y Justicia, comments on the most recent G20 Summit in Antalya on 15/16 November.

Church in Europe

How EU countries could support social innovation

Which economic policies are needed in order to ensure competitive and fair societies? Jorge Nuño Mayer, general secretary of CARITAS Europa, shares a few successful projects that could inspire European policies.

European Union

Cooled enthusiasm for the project of Social Europe

For John Sweeney, Social Europe is too narrowly conceived and should also include the Union’s Neighbourhood.

European Union

An Indian Perspective on the Federalism as a Remedy for the EU

Denzil Fernandes SJ is an Indian Jesuit. He spent some time in Brussels and in his second article comparing the EU with India, he takes the institutional perspective.

European Union

Standing up to the National Front, as French nationals and also as Christians

Ballots for a candidate for France's far-right National Front political party in the first round of local elections are seen as election officials count ballots at a polling station in Illkirch Graffenstaden near Strasbourg March 20, 2011. REUTERS/Vi

In the recent regional elections in France, the ballot results revealed an unprecedented surge of support for the National Front (FN) party. France therefore joins the growing ranks of other European countries which over the past few years have also experienced the rise of the far right. Jérôme Vignon, President of Semaines Sociales de France, comments.


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