Monday 6. December 2021
Martin Maier

Dialogue – a vital issue for the Church and for Europe

The Church can only carry on a meaningful dialogue with the outside world if she is committed to an internal culture of dialogue.

European Union

The Role of Christians in Today’s Europe

Herman Van Rompuy, President Emeritus of the European Council, reflected in a keynote speech in the Chapel of Europe in Brussels the 20th January 2016 on the values of the European Union.

European Union

How to integrate migrants into the Labour Market

19 Sep 2014 --- Construction worker working on roof beams --- Image by © zerocreatives/Westend61/Corbis

Teaching language and assessing their professional competences are one of the key pre-requisites to integrating newly arrived migrants in our societies, says Martin Wilde from the Christian Union of Business Executives, UNIAPAC.

European Union

Iran and Saudi Arabia: The Religious Roots of a Political Conflict

The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia has political, economic, cultural, and religious roots that reach back to the origins of Islam. Subsequent history has only embittered it and made matters worse. 

European Union

What can Latin America learn from Europe?

Felipe Herrera Espaliat, Chilean/French priest and journalist, asks about the significance of the process of European unification for Latin American integration.

European Union

Central Europe and a Democratic Mindset

A major problem of Central European countries that got rid of communist totalitarianism some 26 years ago seems to be the fact that they still haven´t rooted in western liberal democratic mindset sufficiently. The Czech post-communist political scene offers a good illustration.


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