Tuesday 25. January 2022
#193 - May 2016
Martin Maier SJ

Pope Francis and the compassion of the Europeans

In visiting refugees on the island of Lesbos, Pope Francis pointed signalled a humanitarian approach and appealed to the compassion of the Europeans.

European Union

A momentous and possibly fateful referendum

The referendum facing the UK electorate on June 23rd threatens to isolate the United Kingdom and to fragment the EU.

European Commission

Transparency in the time of Mr. Juncker

How to ensure transparency at the EU level? The Commission has been grappling with the issue for years: a consultation brings the topic back to centre stage.

European Union

Panama Papers shed light on global tax avoidance

The unprecedented leak of the Panama Papers in April created a shockwave. They cast the spotlight on more than 200,000 offshore companies and their secret owners. Political action is now required.

European Union

The harassment of Christian refugees in European asylum centres

Some Christian asylum seekers escaping from violence and persecution in their homelands are victims of harassment by extremist Muslims in European refugee centres.

The Church in Europe

Pope Francis’ vision of Europe

The 2016 Charlemagne Prize has been awarded to Pope Francis. Interviewed by a group of French Catholics, he gives his private views on his vision of Europe Europe


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