Sunday 5. December 2021

Mitigation or how to limit the impacts of climate change

European Commission

In 2013 the European Environment Agency (EEA) announced that Europe had already reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 19% with reference to the 1990 level, but this reduction is largely as a result of the economic crisis.

Is waste a litmus test of Commission policy?

European Commission

Thoughts on the withdrawal of the ‘Circular Economy’ package.

Towards COP21: impacts of climate change


Europeinfos is starting a series of articles to better understand the issues in relation to COP21 and the current and future challenges that climate change presents for Europe.

Climate Change: a critical time

United Nations

The agenda for the climate change discussions is taking shape in the midst of important developments. The next COP 21 will be a crucial moment for courageous political decisions.

A fair energy transition in Europe


The Energy Union will receive a special weight in the new EU Commission since it will constitute the portfolio of one of the 7 Vice Presidents, Ms Bratusek. Will she put in place a fair energy transition?

“Young Europeans – We stand for sustainability and eco-justice!”

Church in Europe

In the context of discussion among experts on 9 September which was hosted by COMECE in Brussels, representatives of Christian youth organisations presented their projects for climate protection and for an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

A G7 summit in Brussels to impose sanctions on Russia


While it is possible to exclude Russia from the G7, progress cannot be made without Russia in certain areas that currently hold sway over global security.

The new ‘Copernicus’ Earth observation programme

European Commission

Since the beginning of April, Sentinel-1A, the first of a series of Copernicus satellites, has been orbiting in space and making long-range environmental monitoring possible. It is part of ‘Copernicus’, the new European Flagship Programme.

The EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Policy

European Commission

EU 2030 Climate and Energy proposals: The path of least resistance for the Commission?

Eradicating poverty by 2030?

United Nations

That is the chief goal of the post-2015 Development Agenda. In a year it will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and press on with what has proved to be a successful fight against poverty.

A difficult road to Climate Justice after Warsaw Climate Summit

European Union

All countries must urgently work together in a spirit of solidarity to put the world on the right track: a path to decarbonised societies and climate justice for all.


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