Sunday 5. December 2021

EU-Latin America dialogue: trade, but also people

European Council

Latin America wasn’t a priority for the EU in the past, but things are changing.

Nigeria:“terrorism and corruption are the main plagues”

European Union

Interview with John Cardinal Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of Abuja, on the situation in Nigeria, on the occasion of his visit to the EU Institutions on 23-25 April.

Building bridges between Africa and the EU

European Union

“With one hand we give Africa a few crumbs and with the other we remove the loaf” says Angel Olaran, missionary in Ethiopia.

EU-Latin America: rethinking development policy

European Union

Should we view development policy solely as a means of economic recovery or rather from the perspectives of sustainability and viability?

Keeping EU promises to the poorest with the FTT

Europäische Union

Civil society campaigners, financial lobbyists, governments and many others in Europe and world-wide are waiting with bated breath for the long anticipated announcement of the introduction of the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) in the EU, expected by the end of 2012.

Registration of births – a basis for safeguarding children’s rights

EU Commission

51 million children born worldwide in 2007 were not registered. It may seem to be a mere formality, but it is the factual basis for claiming their rights.

The African situation with regard to ’sexual and reproductive health’

European Union

The real need of Africa is the eradication of diseases and hunger, as well as the encouragement of self-reliance for its people achieved through massive investment in human capital development.

Congo:legislative initiatives in the mining sector

European Commission

The European Commission is studying the appropriateness and the content of new European legislation relating to ‘blood minerals’ that are probably financing and prolonging armed conflict in different regions of the world.

Africa, an EU strategic partner

European Union

The ’objectification’ of Africa and her peoples should be avoided.

Call for respect for the sovereignty of developing countries

European Parliament

The European Parliament reaffirms the sovereignty of developing countries in the current context of fierce rivalry amongst industrialised countries for access to their natural resources.

Taking into account the human and environmental costs of natural resource extraction

European Union

During a recent visit to Brussels Monseigneur Ramazzini, Bishop of San Marcos, Guatemala, reported to European policymakers about the negative impacts of mining in his home country, Guatemala.


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